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My passion for cooking began in Romania as a little girl hanging around my mother in the kitchen, curious of how the food made it from ingredients to dishes on the table. I loved everything from rolling cabbage leaves and stuffing peppers to making doughnuts and spaetzle. In 1999, I ventured to the city of Bologna located in Italy, known as the pasta capital, where I started my formal training in Northern Italian cuisine.

For eight years, I operated a Naples, FL, restaurant that featured homemade breads and popular dishes such as chicken paprikash, spaetzle, schnitzel, and old-fashioned cabbage rolls. Now I have turned my attention to catering and to serving the community as a private chef.

After 30 years of cooking experience and overcoming many of my own obstacles with allergies and dietary needs, I realized there was a need to combine fresh gourmet taste, with natural healing superfoods so that people can still enjoy delicious choices but incorporate specialty ingredients that have a long list of health benefits. Today, as a private chef and certified health nutritional consultant, I enjoy growing many of my own fresh ingredients to bring healthy foods to local markets and homes in the Southwest Florida area.

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Meet Collier Fruit Growers


I receive much of my gardening inspiration and knowledge from this amazing group of people. I’m especially grateful to Crafton Clift and Rodger Taylor who I lovingly call my Grandfathers because they are generously teaching me everything I need to  know about all organic, pesticide free, healthy gardening. Instead of asking Google for advice I turn to my two wise grandfathers Crafton & Rodger. With their help I have planted over 100 trees and am creating a native garden to give back to the butterfly, bees and insect community because without them we can’t have fruits and vegetables and our planet will not survive.

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I am not only passionate about gardening, healthy living and teaching people how to take charge of their health through healthy food but I am also passionate about helping others and giving back to the community whenever I can. I have a big heart filled with compassion when it comes to advocating for children and helping women in need, the homeless, and the animals of earth. I am proud believer of equality for all and I strive show love to the community – and as a Business Alliance member, I have stepped up to sponsor the Naples Pride Event for many, many years! This incredible organization began at Daniela’s Restaurant in Naples by my sister Cory many years ago and is one of my greatest joys.

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Healthy in the Kitchen
Personalized Cooking Classes
Eating healthy on the daily is much easier when you know how to master healthy cooking and that's exactly what you can do with the guidance and expert advice from Chef Daniela.

All Natural, Organic
Healthy Pasta Product Line
We believe that healthy and happy should be a part of everyday life and that it should be easy and accessible so if you love healthy foods, try a range of our healthy pastas, sauces and recipes today!

Organic Catering Services
With great, healthy selections for weddings, parties, and other events, Chef Daniela makes it her personal responsibility to see your event is both fun, stress free, affordable and memorable.

Get into Healthy
Nutrition Consultant
I Care About Your Well-Being, I Want You To Live A Happy And Healthy Life so I created a program that can help you understand how "What You Eat" affects your body, mind and overall wellbeing,

Healthy Eating
Personal Meal Plan Services
Improve Your Diet and Avoid Food Preservatives - Achieving a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle begins by eating better with easy recipes, food lists and meal planning support from Chef Daniela.

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Check out our Healthy Blog
If you're looking for new and fresh ideas, recipes, tips and healing living information then you are in the right right place! Subscribe to our blog and stay in the know today!

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Monica G

Chef Daniela Craciun is an amazing woman with an incredible passion for not only wonderful food but also healthy and happy living. She cares about her clients and really goes above and beyond to provide the best quality service, all natural, organic and healthy food. I highly recommend her to everyone! She is my favorite Chef!{

Teena L

Chef Daniella is a wonderful Chef. When she does cooking classes, she teaches about the nutrition of the food. Everything she makes is tasty and delicious. Daniella is a wonderful and loving person. She cares about your health.{

Lacene P

Chef Daniella has amazing food and is an amazing person. All of her food is organic. Not many chefs have all organic food. I have never had a bad meal from her! She cooks with love.{

Robert B.

She is a wonderful chef. Always looking for a way to help. Her food echos the love in her heart. And it shows through her art.{

Jacalyn C.

Daniela Craciun was introduced to me as a private chef to prepare anti inflammatory food. If you have ever had the privilege of meeting Chef Daniela you too know of her most loving spirit. If you have health challenges Chef Dani’s food is prepared with organic produce from her garden and prepared with all of her love for a healthy happy world.{

Providing healthy catering, meal plans, and education on how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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