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Are you looking for a solution to any of these health conditions?

  • Anti-Aging
  • Auto-Immune/ Inflammation
  • Blood Sugar and Diabetes
  • Cardiac and Vascular Health
  • Cancer Support and Prevention
  • Family Nutrition in all stages of life
  • Fatigue and Headaches
  • Food Allergies/ Sensitivities
  • Gastric and Digestion
  • Hormonal imbalances including thyroid
  • Joint or body pains
  • Weight Management

Achieving a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle begins by eating better when you get heat-and-serve meals from Chef Daniela Craciun.

To help more people live healthier lives, I earned a certificate from Cornell University’s ‘Nutrition and Healthy Living Program’. With my gourmet chef approach and growing my own fresh ingredients locally, I am able to deliver products and creative recipes that incorporates healthy enriched foods designed to heal our bodies. The heat-and-serve meals are personalized for each individual, built from scratch to better address your health concerns while keeping your preferences and likings in mind, ensuring you enjoy the taste and the ease of preparation. 

For instance, one of my favorite natural ingredients to grow and use in my chef inspired recipes is Moringa. It has been known to help prevent a vast array of ailments and diseases. Including:

  • Preventing and treating cancer
  • Treating diabetes, asthma, and anemia
  • Reducing high blood pressure
  • Protecting against kidney disorders
  • Nourishing skin, hair and eye health
  • And, it’s a natural mood booster
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I Care About Your Well-Being, I Want You To Live A Happy And Healthy Life!

Using Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), the chef keeps your food fresh with no preservatives, so she can deliver delicious and healthy food that you can heat right in the container without risk of harm!

Tales from the kitchen

In Modified Atmosphere Packaging, a blend of pure oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen is created within a high barrier or permeable package.

This mix of gasses slows down the product’s aging process and reduces the loss of color in food. It also fights odors and staleness that can follow product deterioration, spoilage, and rancidity that is otherwise caused by mold and other anaerobic organisms.

Make Sure You Always Have Great Foods at Hand

Modified Atmosphere Packaging is a great way for us to preserve our organic dishes and make them available to our valued family of customers.

You’ll get extended shelf life while still enjoying the great creations that have made Chef Daniela famous.

Get more information today or talk to us about the healthy foods we can provide. Call 239-919-0937 now.

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